MAY 30

Nelson membership CSA schedule
WE’RE GOING TO BOTH MARKETS!! (for the month of June anyways)
the markets themselves are in (seemingly) constant evolution right now – so we are taking the plunge and going to both markets to connect with as many of our customers as possible.
By the end of June we should have a better idea of which market is the best one for us and in anticipation of this we already have back up means of getting Nelson CSA shares to you on whichever day best suits your household.

  • So! Good people of Nelson now you need to choose which market you would like to pick up your share from (some of you were open to both so we just want to be sure of who’s going where/when)

EITHERSaturday – Cottonwood 9am-1pmORWednesday – TBA (probably Cottonwood) 3:30pm – 6pm

  • THIS WILL BE YOUR PICK UP DAY + LOCATION FOR ALL OF 2020 (even if we drop that market as vendors we will still have your share available for pick up at that market)
  • Saturday market begins on June 6th
  • Wednesday market begins June 8th


1st CSA day is Monday, June 8- anytime after 11am
We really wanted to get the boxes out to you this coming Monday but the crops could use the extra couple of days to size up…but this really helps us feel confident that your first box will be oh so plump and juicy – so mark your calendars and please …
Remember to bring something from home to carry your share in – it can be your own bags or a bin – just not the bin its packed in!

  • When you arrive, make your way to our walk-in cooler as usual and look for the bin with your name on it 
  • take your bin off the rack and proceed back outside to the open-air deck where you entered
  • here you can open your bin and transfer your share into your own bags/box
  • leave the now empty blue bin on the deck for staff to retrieve (and take to be washed)

MAY 18

Hi Folks –
We’ve had a few inquiries from members wondering when the first boxes will be ready – we are super excited to get your veggies to you too!It has been very cool these last few weeks, without much precipitation (we were so happy for the rains in the last 2 days!) so crops are growing on the slower side of average –
given current rates of growth we are projecting boxes to be ready by sometime in the first week of June.
There are three notes here for your information – we will also put them up on the CSA page of our website.

  • We are committed to ensuring that our sanitation and public access practices follow the guidelines set out for our industry by the BCCDC, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and WorkSafe BC. This includes adequate physical distancing for members and workers, and sanitizing high touch areas regularly.
  • If members have any concerns or questions we welcome an open and ongoing dialogue with us. We want to know what you think, what you need and how we can best adapt our services during these times.

A NOTE ABOUT BINSStarting this year members will not be taking the actual blue totes that shares are packed into home with them. This is a change we have been considering for logistical reasons for some time anyway and then with the sanitation necessities around COVID it just makes everything much simpler for our cleaning crew. The new method is as follows:

  • Members come to their pick up location and find the bin with their name on it
  • Once you’ve located your bin you open it and unpack your share into your own shopping bags or box you have brought with you from home. (For folks accustomed to picking up at the farm you will take your box from the cooler and unpack in the more pleasant atmosphere of our back deck πŸ™‚
  • The now empty bin stays with Ravine Creek Farm. No exceptions, so please remember to bring whatever you need to get your veggies home with you!


  • Valley Memebrs/ Farm Pick Up: Shares picked up at the farm are available Mondays after 11am. New bin procedure, but you can still come and pick up on your own schedule.
  • Nelson Members: Historically Nelson members have gathered their shares at our stand at the Nelson Farmers Market – as those of you in town are surely aware there is ongoing uncertainty about the schedule and location of the Nelson Farmer’s markets this year. We are actively engaged in dialogue with the EcoSociety about the situation. Whatever the outcome we will have a Nelson pick up location, we just don’t know the where and when yet. We want to hear your preferences – currently we have the option of going to either Saturday 9am -1pm at Cottonwood or Wednesday 3:30-6 pm (*probably*) Cottonwood. Both times and locations are new for us so the more input we have from our customers about where and when they want to come see us the better.  Finally we want you to know that we are strategizing to make sure that CSA members have a more efficient way of picking up their bins than waiting in the general market line up. If you don’t plan to do other shopping at the market, all the farms are looking for a way for CSA members to get in and get out quickly, we’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE – March 24, 2020

Hey folks! In response to the uptick in queries about our CSA we would like to reassure our community that YES! we will be offering our CSA this year – there are still details to be worked out of how exactly COVID-19 will impact the way we deliver & distribute our produce. We will keep our membership informed of any changes in service.